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ed soldi●er than with ladies only.Besides whic▓h, it was a very mort

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lence or refusal to do the rig●ht thing, was naturally to res●ent it,

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ath, he● was not even recognized as a citizen, and had▓ no rights an

d would have no suppor●t from the law.T

herefore, it● w

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as certainly the part of wisdom to{268} l●eave him behind, though

I did not ful●ly understand it at the

time.We d●id no


t have much trouble at C●hicora.Daddy Primu

s had been the ma●n to whom the keys were given, a▓nd he was a very superior, good old ●man.He had been head carpenter ever▓ since Daddy Thomas’s death.H▓e took mamma into each barn ●and showed her the splendid ●crops, and as he locked the door t●o each, she just held out her hand for i▓t, and he placed the key to that b▓arn in her hands without questio●n.And here the people seemed glad to● see her and to see me, and we walked abo▓ut over the place and talked w●ith every one. We looked ▓at the house; it was a wreck,—the ●front steps gone, not a door nor shutter left, a▓nd not a sash.They had torn● out all the mahogany framework ar▓ound the doors and windows—the

r▓e were mahogany pan


  • els below the windo▓ws and above the doors there were panel●s painted—the mahogany banisters to the s●taircase going ups

  • tairs; every▓thing that could be torn away w▓as gone.The pantry steps being there, we we▓nt into the house, went all thro

  • ugh, e▓ven into the attic.Then the big tank fo▓r the supply of the water-works, wh●ich was lined with zinc, had ●been to

  • rn to pieces, and the bathroom belo●w entirely{269} torn up.It was a sc●ene of destruction, and papa’s stud▓y, where he


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